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October 2011

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Dr. Diane Gromala has begun research in the Liebeskind History of Pain Collection, which are located are in the Louise M. Darling BioMedical Library at UCLA in Los Angeles.

The collection includes oral histories from the pioneers in pain research, along with rare medical books and collections of printed matter, physical objects, written records and other witnesses of history.

Interested in participating in our research studies?

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Do you want to participate in our research studies? Study opportunities range from a single 30 minute session to 15-20 minutes a day for 2 weeks. All studies have passed rigorous ethics boards at SFU and University of Toronto. Your name & information will be kept strictly confidential. Current opportunities include:
  • Virtual meditative walk: human subject studies in Vancouver & Surrey, BC; spring 2012. Contact Meehae Song:
  • Sonic cradle: human subject studies in Surrey, BC (dates to be determined) and UCLA, last week of November 2011. Email Jay:
  • Sitting meditation: human subject studies Stanford area, March & April 2012. Email Diane:
  • Haptic creature (furry robot): human subject studies Vancouver, anticipated Summer 2012. Contact Mark:
  • Social media (with the University of Toronto): human subject studies CURRENTLY: for people who: 
    1. are 55+ years old 
    2. have chronic pain and 
    3. live in the Vancouver or Toronto areas.
      The diary study requires an estimated 15-20 minutes of your time per day, for two weeks. We are studying communication patterns. Participants will receive $10. each week when they turn in their weekly diary. Email Jessica:
  • Virtual Reality, Art Therapy: we are seeking art therapists to participate in interviews spring 2012. Any geographic location in North America. Please contact Meehae Song:

CIRPD Webinars Diane Gromala on Transforming Pain

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Utilizing Science, Technology and the Arts to Transform Pain

October 19, 2011 at 2pm PDT
Prof. Diane Gromala, PhD

Pain is universal to human existence. One in five Canadians experiences chronic pain. On average, they wait two to five years before seeing a pain specialist. This webinar features Prof. Diane Gromala, who has suffered from chronic pain for several decades. She will provide an overview of the exciting potential of new technologies and interaction design in helping to improve the lives of people who live with long-term chronic pain.

This webinar will offer some fascinating highlights on:

  • immersive VR research: promising early results,
  • studies in the use of robotics to alleviate anxiety,
  • new developments in using social media to combat social isolation,
  • the importance of conducting research studies and participating in them.