Interested in participating in our research studies?

By October 19, 2011 Lab Updates, Other News
Do you want to participate in our research studies? Study opportunities range from a single 30 minute session to 15-20 minutes a day for 2 weeks. All studies have passed rigorous ethics boards at SFU and University of Toronto. Your name & information will be kept strictly confidential. Current opportunities include:
  • Virtual meditative walk: human subject studies in Vancouver & Surrey, BC; spring 2012. Contact Meehae Song:
  • Sonic cradle: human subject studies in Surrey, BC (dates to be determined) and UCLA, last week of November 2011. Email Jay:
  • Sitting meditation: human subject studies Stanford area, March & April 2012. Email Diane:
  • Haptic creature (furry robot): human subject studies Vancouver, anticipated Summer 2012. Contact Mark:
  • Social media (with the University of Toronto): human subject studies CURRENTLY: for people who: 
    1. are 55+ years old 
    2. have chronic pain and 
    3. live in the Vancouver or Toronto areas.
      The diary study requires an estimated 15-20 minutes of your time per day, for two weeks. We are studying communication patterns. Participants will receive $10. each week when they turn in their weekly diary. Email Jessica:
  • Virtual Reality, Art Therapy: we are seeking art therapists to participate in interviews spring 2012. Any geographic location in North America. Please contact Meehae Song: