GRAND annual conference in Toronto

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The fourth annual digital media conference of GRAND will be held in Toronto from May 14-16.  The conference aims to demo multidisciplinary research being conducted across Canada in  digital media. The Pain Studies Lab will present four posters which showcase the research being conducted by the lab members. The title of the posters are as follows:

  • Soundscapes: A prescription for managing anxiety in a clinical setting
  • Immersive virtual reality and Affective computing for gaming, fear and anxiety
  • The Science, Poetics and Theories of Touch
  • Aesthetics: GRAND Definitions

Transforming Pain Research Group at SIAT showcase

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Transforming Pain Research Group supported project Sensorium was displayed for the first time, February 8th at the SIAT Showcase and Competition alongside other winning projects. The project was seen and demoed by other students, faculty, and industry professionals in the media arts, design, and informatics areas.
Sensorium, a virtual reality system that allows visitors to guide visual and aural stimuli in a virtual environment by concentrating on different parts of their sensorial system, is an undergraduate research project created by Interactive Arts students Jeremy Mamisao, Julian Giordano, and Samantha Derochie. The project is being guided and supervised by Dr. Diane Gromala and Dr. Chris Shaw, along with ongoing support from Transforming Pain Group members, including Mehdi Karamnejad and Maryam Mobini.
Taking cues from other Transforming Pain Lab projects (including the Virtual Meditative Walk), the project aims to teach users more about their body responses and how to control their stress.
The group looks forward to showcasing the project at both the FCAT Undergraduate conference happening on March 9th and the SFU Surrey Open House happening March 7th. More info can be found on the groups blog,

Professor Gromala appeared on PAINBCs radio show

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Professor Gromala was invited to PAINBC’s radio show to discuss the research in the fields such as virtual reality, biofeedback, social media, and robotics, that are explored in Pain Studies Lab. The studies are meant to assist chronic pain patients manage their pain, engage in physical activity, and be socially active.  To listen to the archived version of the show, please follow this link.

Eylul Iscens Presentation on Embodied Experience

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Ozgun Eylul Iscen presented her paper and poster  titled “One’s Expression of Embodied Experience in Transcultural Contexts Through Media Art” at The Euphoria & Dystopia Book Launch, Symposium & Graduate Student Workshop, presented by OCAD University and & GRAND NCE, held in Toronto, January 31- February 1.

21st International Symposium on Electronic Art

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“The ISEA Board is pleased to announce that ISEA2015 the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art will be held in Vancouver, Canada.  ISEA2015 has been awarded to Simon Fraser University in a bid led by Prof. Diane Gromala who holds a Canada Research Chair and teaches in Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) multidisciplinary School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT).  The Vancouver team presented their proposal at ISEA2012 in Albuquerque in a very competitive round alongside proposals from the Netherlands, Mexico and Indonesia. The ISEA Board was impressed with the proposal’s developments since its original presentation at ISEA2011. Improvements included a stronger positioning of ISEA2015 within Vancouver’s local culture while maintaining an international perspective.  With the theme ‘Raw and the Cooked’ the symposium fill have the following focus:  “As one of the most  “green” cities on the planet, Vancouver’s inhabitants are committed to the struggle of re-visioning human relationships. Our conference will expand these human relations to non-humans—creatures, technology,  art, etc.—that have the potential to alter the relations in their collectivity through processes of individuation and transduction, among others.  The theme is meant not to bring us back to culture wars, but to provoke conversations about the impact of cultural practices on the technologies we make and use. Too often, technology is viewed in simple paradigms of so-called Western or industrialized nations vs. under-developed nations, yet the relevance of such a dichotomy fades daily. Instead, we hope to generate open discussions on the intertwining of culture  and technology.”  The development and the implementation of ISEA2015 will be managed through Simon Fraser University’s School of International Arts & Technology with the team of: Symposium Directors – Diane Gromala, Philippe Pasquier, Thecla Schiphorst Artistic Directors – Malcolm Levy, Kate Armstrong Assistant Director – Tyler Fox  With an academic conference, accompanied by a program of exhibitions, performances and workshops, ISEA2015 will be an international gathering of leading and emerging thinkers and practitioners working at the interface of art and technology to be held in July/August 2015.  This is the second time ISEA will be held in Canada with ISEA1995 being staged in Montreal.  For further details please contact ISEA Director Sue Gollifer at or


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Profs. Diane Gromala, Thecla Schiphorst and Philippe Pasquier, with Vancouver Tourism, won the bid to host the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2015) in the summer of 2015. ISEA is one of the world’s most prestigious interactive art conferences. Each year, cities around the world compete to host this conference, which is scheduled to be in Sydney, Australia in 2013 and Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2014. In the year 2015, the focus of ISEA will be on Art+Science.

Webinar: Opiods Friend or Foe?

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CIRPD and PainBC with the support of the Canadian Pain Coalition, are pleased to announce the next webinar in our webinar series, “Chronic Pain, Improving Life While Living It”. This free webinar series, provides an opportunity forfor people living with pain as well as their families to learn from top researchers and practitioners how to live well with chronic pain.

Join us October 24th for the third webinar of our current online education series:

TOPIC: Opioids: Friend or Foe?

Andrea Furlan MD, PhD (Associate Scientist at the Institute for Work and Health)

There is plenty of confusing and contradictory information available about using opioids to treat chronic pain. There are issues around addiction, dependency, and overdose that can be hard to understand.  Dr. Andrea Furlan will help us navigate the difficult topic of using opioids for chronic pain treatment.

DATE: October 24, 2012 11:00 am noon (PDT) / 2 – 3:00 pm (EDT)


Wired Cafe: Arthritis Management in a Digital World

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Dr. Diane Gromala will be part of a panel discussing arthritis management in a digital world at the W2 Media Café, 111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver on Tuesday, October 16.

The rapid growth of digital media has provided tremendous opportunities to access health care when and where it is needed. From social networking tools and interactive websites, to animations and virtual realities, online and mobile technologies can improve access to treatment and support for people of all ages living with arthritis. Learn the latest from clinicians and researchers at BC Childrens Hospital, the Centre for Digital Media, the University of British Columbia and the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada.

Other panel members are Dr. Lori Tucker, Dr. Linda Li and Dr. Anne Townsend. The cafe starts at 6 p.m. and is free. If you cant attend in person, you can still be there digitally; just go to

Click here for more information.

Pain Lab researchers to be part of ISEA STEMArts curriculum

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Tyler Fox and Carlos Castellanos have been invited to be in the ISEA STEMArts curriculum, featuring DPrime Research (the artist-organization to which they belong) and their two alternative computing projects, Biolesce (exploring bioluminescent algae as a display in physical computing) and Biopoeisis (a chemically-based analog computer that explores concepts of conditioning, networks and emergent phenomena). STEMArts curriculum attempts to dissolve boundaries by using art as a way to explore and learn about science, engineering, technology and math.

DPrime Research specializes in cultural production informed by the intersection of technology, research and the arts. Our approach is exemplified by the enhancement of collaboration, dialogue and knowledge sharing between local communities, academic research and cultural institutions, with the goal of showcasing alternatives to dominant social and technological models.