Sound Design: A Procedural Communication Model for VE

By October 7, 2012 Conference Papers

Pain Lab researcher Mark Nazemi presented his paper, co-written with Diane Gromala, on Sound Design: A Procedural Communication Model for VE at the seventh Audio Mostly conference in Corfu, Greece, September 26-28.

The full paper is available here. The abstract reads as follows:

In this paper, we address the issue of sound mapping in virtual environments (VEs). Currently, the use of sound in virtual environments is shifting towards adaptive or generative techniques in which sound no longer has a static quality but is dynamic via real-time controls that modify the tonal characteristics over time. We build upon the acoustic communication model posited by Barry Truax by examining two aspects: how sound mediates information and its importance to the listener through cognitive processing. Using this model and investigating the qualitative aspects of soundwalks, soundscape composition, and sound in virtual reality (VR), we present a hybrid model, which addresses the use of procedural sound design techniques to enhance the communicative and pragmatic role of sound in virtual environments. The end result produces a sonic environment that heightens the listeners experience and cognitively engages them to sounds within a specific time and space.