Pain Lab has a GRAND time in Montreal

By May 13, 2012 Conferences

The Transforming Pain Research Group presented two papers and two posters at the annual GRAND NCE conference in Montreal, May 2-4, 2012.

Jay Vidyarthi presented his paper on Encouraging Meditative Experiences through Respiratory-Musical Interaction, while Terry Lavender presented his paper on Impression Management Work: How Seniors With Chronic Pain Address Disruptions in Their Interactions, which was co-written with Alison Benjamin, Jeremy Birnholtz, Ron Baecker, Diane Gromala and Andrea Furlan.

Two posters were also presented Sound Tonic: A Receptive Method for Managing Pain through Interactive Sound Design”, by Mark Nazemi, Diane Gromala and Maryam Mobini; and “Aesthetics of Experience: a Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of the Haptic Creature”, by Tyler Fox, Mark Nazemi, Diane Gromala and Karon MacLean.

Nazemi and Gromala also participated in a conference mash-up on Anxiety, Pain, Ability, Strain: Technologies to mediate the mind/body at the conference.