Sonic Cradle gets honourable mention at DIS2012

By May 15, 2012 Conferences

Sonic Cradle: Designing for an Immersive Experience of Meditation by Connecting Respiration to Music, by Jay Vidyarthi, Diane Gromala and Bernhard Riecke, has been awarded honourable mention at the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems 2012 conference, which takes place June 11-15 in Newcastle, UK.

Heres the description of the Sonic Cradle in the conference program: Could an interactive system trigger the psychological benefits of meditation? We are pursuing an answer to this question through a systematic research through design approach which explores a psychological framework of media immersion. Our approach has generated Sonic Cradle: an interactive system aimed at combining sensory deprivation, respiratory biofeedback and music into a mediated experience of mindfulness.